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I am here with another blog which is about the must visit cafe in Champa Gali, the unexplored place of Delhi.

Champa Gali is one of the most interesting hidden lanes which everyone should discover. It has everything starting from a coffee shop to handmade art & craft stuff, reading room and designer studio’s. Champa gali is becoming like a Paradise on Earth and is getting better day by day with increasing visitors. It also has many restauraunts and shops which are experiencing good customers.

How to reach Champa Gali

You can reach this place by Metro, the nearest metro station to Champa Gali is Saket Station. When you get downat the station, you can board an auto and he will drop you at this beautiful Champa Gali. You can also reach here by walking for five minutes.

Visiting Champa Gali

Once you enter this lane it will lead you to this heaven where you can sit and have coffee and beat that lazy weekend blues. This place is just perfect for the upcoming winter season.

view of champa gali


When i went to this place i was completely mesmerised by the beauty it has. There i came across a beautiful Tea Shop which is the famous in the Champa Gali by the name of  JUGMUG THELA , a must visit cafe in Champa Gali.

Must Visit cafe in Champa Gali

JUGMUG THELA, is a kind of  a pop-up tea stall which has a beautiful seating area across the counter and in the backyard as well. They also have a reading room just opposite which has many popular books where people can sit eat and enjoy reading. I would suggest all the  readers to have a look at this place. This place in Champa Gali is a must to look at whenever you visit here.

jugmug thela tea shop


It offers a very limited variety of items to choose but all are really a must have so I tried the MIRCH MASALA PIZZA and KOKAM AND MINT DRINK. Both the things were something that are a must to have at this Tea Shop. Also, i tried ICE POPS which you cant really miss out, if you are an ice cream lover.

mirch masala pizza

Kokum is said to be an indigenous to the Western Ghats of India and it is a part of the country’s history since centuries. And this was the first place where i came across kokam drink in delhi and I absolutely loved it.

kokam drink

ICE POPS was also a new concept, they had many varieties to choose from and i had MELON ICE POP, it had the pulp of melon and small pieces which gave it an extra goodness. Having ice pops in this weather is always a good idea. This places serves ice pops with the real fruit pulp, so you can’t miss out having them, this is a must have at this place.


melon ice pop

I had these few things and absolutely loved it, i would strongly recommend you all to visit this place and experience the hidden wonders of the capital of India, the delhi.


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